Crop anti-freeze damage "Bai protection" effect is good

Perhaps the peasant friends still remember the scene of heavy snowfall and crop freezing in the harsh winter from the end of 2009 to the beginning of 2010. According to meteorological experts, this winter may be a cold winter due to environmental changes, so the possibility of crops suffering from freezing damage is very high.
In fact, there are scientific solutions to prevent crop freezing damage . The reporter learned through interviews that a new high-tech product from Germany, “Bi-protection”, can be used to soak seeds or foliar spray before planting sowing, which can improve crop resistance and foliar spray after crop damage The application can also relieve and repair the freezing damage in time.
The technical representative of Beijing Chenghe Jiaxin Agricultural Materials Trading Co., Ltd., the general agent of the product, told the reporter that at present, there are a large number of production practices in crop production, and “Bihu” is in preventing and repairing crop freezing damage. Has a good effect.
The effect on the fruit tree. In 2010, a red vineyard in Shangchao Village, Ronghe Town, Wanrong County, Shanxi Province. After spraying 20,000 times in the germination period, it encountered a low temperature of 4 degrees on April 12~13. The freezing rate of the protection was 5.7%, while the control freezing rate was as high as 80%. In the early spring of 2010, on the apricot tree in Beijing, the rate of freezing of red apricot flower buds used in the previous year was 28.79%, and the rate of freezing without the use of “Baihu” reached 42.69%; in the western part of Daxing District, Beijing The frozen rate of Pearson used in the early red cultivar was 18.99%, and the control was 31.35%. In 2010, in the flower cow apple of Tianshui City, Gansu Province, the fruit of “Bai Hu” was used, and there were few “Bai Hu”, and the fruit farmers suffered heavy losses. Local fruit farmers said that in the fall of 2010, they must use “Bai Hu”. Relevant technical experts said that because "Bai Hu" can promote the growth of fruit tree roots, promote the accumulation of nutrients in the tree, and improve the cold resistance of the tree.
The effect on the use of wheat. The quality of wheat seedlings before wintering determines the cold resistance of winter wheat. In the autumn of 2009, after the wheat was planted in Fuyang City, Anhui Province, a heavy snow that was once in 50 years was released at the end of November. It was catching wheat tillers. The number of tillers used before the freezing was 4.5, not used. The number of Bibao is 2.5, and the root system is developed. Because the quality of the wintering seedlings is good, after the second year of greening, the plants are robust, and the yield is confirmed at the time of harvest. The yield of wheat used in “Bibao” is 695.64 kg, blank control The output was 544.27 kg, an increase of 151.37 kg, an increase of 27.8%. Relevant technical experts said that due to the influence of low temperature freezing, the annual wheat seedling stage in China is poor, and the winter wheat 2-3 seedlings reach 10% to 15%. According to the current national wheat planting area of ​​340 million mu, 2~3 types of seedlings up to 50 million mu, if you use the "Bi-protection" soaking before the sowing or spraying the "Bi-protection" on the foliar surface before wintering, a single technology Measures can increase the production of wheat in China by several hundred million jin per year.
The effect on the use of tea leaves. In 2008, the cold damage occurred in Enshi Prefecture of Hubei Province in 50 years. The number of tea tree buds used by “Bai Hu” increased by 58%, and the fresh weight of bud head increased by 40.1%. In the spring of 2010, Anxi County of Fujian Province used “Bai Hu”. "The tea garden is green and oily, and the tea buds are all brown after the cold spring of the "Bai Hu" is not used.
“Improving the cold resistance of crops and recovering the economic losses of farmers is everywhere in the country...” Ms. Hu Rongjuan, the chairman of Beijing Chenghe Jiaxin Agricultural Materials Trading Co., Ltd., told reporters that “Bai Hu” is a wonderful German scientist based on the natural world. The plant-like sensation and the principle of ecological biochemistry, the plant-derived plant protection product developed over 30 years can effectively activate chitinase and protease in plants, greatly increase the content of amino acids and chitin, and increase the content of unsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes. Improve the activity of various enzymes in plants, so that they can grow normally at low temperatures to prevent freezing damage. In addition, "Bai" can also be widely used for drought resistance, stress resistance and detoxification of crops; the product has also passed the organic certification of the European Union and the ecological organic certification of the United States, while promoting the increase of crop yields, Significantly improve the quality of agricultural products.
Scientific use of "Bi-protection" to prevent crop freezing damage on the use of evergreen fruit trees. The evergreen fruit trees are combined with the winter clearing garden before the freezing damage. At this time, the spraying of “Bi-protection” has the effect of preventing freezing damage, and the fruit trees should be sprayed as early as possible after freezing damage. Use concentration: 6~9 grams per acre, and the dilution ratio is 8000-10000 times. Heavy orchards should be reused once a week in combination with high-grade foliar fertilizers (such as Jianli Zhuang, chitooligosaccharides, etc.), and the freezing damage can be alleviated and restored.
How to use it on deciduous fruit trees. The deciduous fruit trees are sprayed with “Bai Hu” 15,000 times or 30,000 times before the advent of winter, combined with autumn fertilization and root irrigation to prevent cold damage in winter. Before and after the germination of early spring fruit trees, spraying 5000~8000 times plus potassium dihydrogen phosphate (0.3%~0.5%) before the freezing damage can prevent the occurrence of cold and freezing damage. After the occurrence of freezing damage, timely injection of "Bi protection" 5000 times and chitin 50 grams per acre and potassium fertilizer, 2 times in a row for 5-7 days, the freezing damage can be alleviated and restored.
Method of seed dressing on wheat. Seed dressing on wheat, 1 gram "Bi-protection" plus 1 kg of water mixed with 20 kg of seeds, in the 3~5 leaf period, before the freezing damage, use 3 grams of "Bi-protection" and 30 kg of foliar spray, then spray “Bi-protection” has the effect of preventing freezing damage; when the early spring wheat returns to green, 3 grams of “Bi-protection” per acre is sprayed with 30~45 kilograms of water, which can alleviate the impact of cold spring on wheat.
How to use it on the tea tree. Before the season, the tea tree will be sprayed with 4~6 grams of “Bihu” and 30~45kg of foliar water; it can prevent freezing damage in winter; after the spring and cold in the early spring, the soil will be treated with 6g “Bibao” for 30~45kg. Foliar application, spraying once every 15 to 20 days, can slow down and restore frost damage.
How to use it on greenhouse vegetables. Greenhouse vegetables on the 2~4 leaf stage with 3 grams of "Bi-protection" with 30 kg of foliar spray, 7-10 days after the same dose of the second spray, can prevent low temperature and low light, promote root growth; After the freezing damage, the leaf surface sprays “Bi-protection” 5000 times plus potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.3%~0.5%, and at the same time, the flower curtain is released, and the explosion-proof sun is used to relieve the freezing damage.

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