Chemical control technology of amaranth vegetable weeds

a. 33% weeding emulsifiable concentrate 100~200 ml

b. 25% oxacillin emulsifiable concentrate 100~150ml

c. 82% Xianzhi EC 100~150ml

d. 65% herbicide-sensitive wettable powder 330~400g

e. 48% bentazon water 150~200 ml (or mixed with 2 methyl 4 chlorine)

f. 20% make it colostrum 50 ml

g. 22.5% with agricultural emulsifiable concentrate 100 ml

Formulation a, b, c, d pre-emergence soil treatment or stem and leaf treatment in early seedling stage. e, f, g stem and leaf spray, can be mixed with the grass can improve the control effect and expand the grass kill spectrum. The above mu is 40~50 kg. Spring sowing leeks in North China, usually with a pre-emergence soil treatment and 40-45 days post-emergence stem and leaf spray, can effectively control weeds in leeks.

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