Why is the security door not burglarproof?

Looks like a sturdy security door, the door lock is weak, the thief can easily unlock in a few seconds, quietly into the room. The various unlocking tools on the market are sold at random, the black factory starts day and night, and various so-called master keys are sold in the market . This makes the security door difficult to prevent theft.
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According to the relevant departments, with the further expansion of the scope of implementation of the national housing project, the security door has gradually entered the daily life of the general public as the main home security products. Faced with this huge market, manufacturers have launched anti-theft doors. After 1999 , the number of companies producing anti-theft doors nationwide has increased to more than 2,000 , which does not include a large number of illegal unregistered underground factories. The overall scale of China's security door manufacturing enterprises is small, and the product quality is extremely different.

The development of the economy will inevitably bring about an increase in family property and an awareness of security precautions. How strong the anti-theft and anti-theft functions of anti-theft door guards have become the focus of people's attention when purchasing anti-theft doors. The insiders tell people: The two basic components of the anti-theft door anti-theft are the door body and the anti-theft lock. In terms of anti-theft performance, the thickness of qualified anti-theft security door is generally more than 20 mm. The door body layer should be covered with reinforced steel, and the filler should be filled with filler to make the front and rear panels of the door body organically connected to strengthen the door. The overall strength of the body.
  2 sturdy door fragile lock
According to relevant market surveys, at present, the proportion of security doors used in home decoration in China is very high, and the types of security doors on the market are also very rich. But when consumers buy security doors are most concerned about is often the plate thickness, style, etc., and for heart --- anti-theft lock security door but do not pay attention. Many consumers simply don't know that the core of the security door is a lock, and they don't know what a good lock is. Some security door sellers also use the lack of consumer knowledge of locks, and they are extremely deceived. Sometimes they say that the door locks they sell have the functions of anti-smashing and anti-sliding, and sometimes boast that the door locks they sell have magnetic protection. Open function.
What is even more worrying is that in the entire security door market, there are many locks used in security doors, most of which are general-grade A -level anti-theft locks, but the national requirements for A -type lock anti-technical opening are not high, as long as 1 It is qualified if it is not turned on within minutes. The manufacturers using the B -class anti-theft lock with the highest protection level are rare in the entire security door market. In the face of this result, we may understand why the security door is not anti-theft.
  3 management chaos " quick unlock "
In recent years, unlocking Others has gradually become a profession. Nowadays, there are more and more people engaged in the industry, and from the initial sneaky, small-scale development to the current open business, each hills, and even the apprenticeship, vicious competition. After the “ unlocking ” became an industry, the management of the relevant functional departments did not keep up. For a time, the advertisements of “ quickly unlocking ” and “ opening the package ” were everywhere in the country. In the unannounced investigation, it was found that almost all the urgent unlocks do not require the Other party to provide identification. As long as they are willing to spend money, not only do not prove, but also with the call, the door lock, the lock, the drawer lock, the price tag, all the packages open. The existence of this unconstrained unlocking market has already caused great threat to the personal safety of the general public.

The police also found that some of the factory's assembly lines produced a variety of tools designed to open a variety of locks, open a " slot lock " dart, open a " cross lock " plum needle, a large iron tongs for cutting bicycle chain locks, Specially used to twist the fork lock of the double-eared wrench, and even a variety of odd-shaped " universal " keys are mass produced. When the police brought the black factory owner back to the police station, the factory owner even argued that the production of the unlocking tool was to facilitate the public, and the police did not find the corresponding laws and regulations to accuse him. Finally, you can only release it.
While we are calling on the public to seriously purchase the security door, we also hope to recognize the importance of the anti-theft lock. The anti-theft door is the anti-theft and the anti-theft lock is the key. I also hope that the public will have a safe living environment.

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