Study on Electroplated Diamond Bit Drilling Carbon Brazing Composites

Abstract Carbon brazing composites are prone to delamination, burr, tear and other defects during drilling, which is a typical difficult material. According to the characteristics of carbon brazing composite materials, the electroplated diamond drill bit is taken as the research object. From the drill bit to the research object, the drilling diamond drill bit drilling characteristics are analyzed from the aspects of drilling axial force and drilling outlet quality, and it is compared with the hard alloy twist drill. By comparison, it is concluded that the electroplated diamond bit drills the carbon brazing composite material with less axial force and better drilling quality, which is more suitable for the processing of carbon brazing composite materials; The borehole defect is generated, the axial force of drilling decreases with the increase of the bit rotation speed, and increases with the increase of the diameter of the drill bit. Finally, the empirical formula of the drilling force of the electroplated diamond bit is obtained by the multivariate linear regression method.

Diamond and Abrasives Engineering, 2009, Issue 3

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