Development and application of agile flexible production line composed of high-speed machining centers (2)

3. Characteristics of flexible lines

From the above layout, we can see the advantages of the flexible line. In the initial stage of the project, it can be invested in batches according to capital and market conditions, rolling development, with strong flexibility, product modification is very convenient, equipment failure will not cause the whole line to stop production. . The machine has a single variety, and the repairs and spare parts are convenient. The number of equipment is small and the floor space is small; when the product batch size is not particularly large, the use of agile flexible lines can save investment.

Thanks to the use of the truss manipulator for workpiece transport, the structure of the high-speed machining center, which is the basic unit of the flexible wire, can be greatly simplified, so that the manufacturing cost of each high-speed machining center unit can be reduced, and mass production can be achieved, saving machine tool manufacturing. The cycle makes the lead time of the agile flexible line shorter than the rigid automatic line. Because the price of the special machine is higher, the number of machine tools that make up the automatic line is also more, so the price of the rigid automatic line is often higher than the price of the agile flexible line, and the flexible line It can also quickly adapt to changes in various productions and be responsive.

4. Intelligent Logistics System

The intelligent logistics system used in the DFI50 production line includes: pillars, aerial trusses, two carriages that move horizontally on the truss, rams that move in vertical z-coordinates, and robots that can be gripped on the front end of the ram. The steel truss is used for aerial trusses, and the vertical ram is made of special aluminum profiles (see Figure 2).

Figure 2. Schematic diagram of the overall layout of the flexible production line

Linear guides are applied to each coordinate, and the rack and pinion are driven by the servo motor through the reducer, and the moving speed reaches 100 m/min. Thanks to the numerical control and servo motor drive, the robot moves fast and the positioning is accurate; the positioning accuracy can reach 0.2 mm or less, the robot grabs the workpiece and is driven by the hydraulic cylinder, which has a strong gripping force and accurate positioning when grabbing, each truss The robots have hydraulic stations and electrical cabinets. Through the pre-set program, the robot can accurately reach the position of the workpiece at any time. Through calculation, there are two pick-ups in the entire production line, which is enough to meet the requirements of transportation, and almost does not occupy the production cycle.

5. The basic unit of agile flexible production line. The special advantage of high-speed machining center

The high-speed machining center that forms the agile flexible production line has the characteristics of high speed, high moving speed, high acceleration and high precision. It can be equipped with intelligent logistics system to realize the transportation of the cylinder to achieve the production purpose of the agile flexible production line. The agile flexible production line takes full advantage of the latest achievements in today's technology, especially with the latest achievements in drive technology and control technology to ensure high speed, high efficiency and high precision.

5.1 spindle speed is high

The core components - the German GMN electric spindle, ceramic bearings, the speed of 12000r / min. Good rigidity, high precision, low vibration, good thermal stability, and sensors for measuring temperature, displacement and vibration on the spindle to monitor and automatically control the temperature rise, axial displacement and vibration of the motor, bearing and spindle. Correct the compensation.

Because there are many processes and need to start the spindle frequently, the spindle start time of this line is very small, and the acceleration and deceleration time is short, which plays a big role in improving production efficiency. As shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Machine line spindle acceleration and deceleration schedule of this production line

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