German photovoltaic mortar recycling project settled in Zhenjiang

The reporter learned from the Zhenjiang Science and Technology Bureau on the 18th that the world's largest photovoltaic wafer cutting waste liquid recycling giant - Germany Saiyin Company invested 60 million euros to build the international leading photovoltaic mortar recycling project, officially located in Zhenjiang.

In the process of wafer cutting, a kind of lubricating liquid is called mortar. In the past, it was thrown when it was used up, which pollutes the environment and is wasteful. The company will build six mortar recycling production lines in Zhenjiang, which will separate and purify the mortar. The annual recycling capacity is 90,000 tons, which can greatly save the production cost of silicon wafers. The project is planned to be put into production in 2012 and become the largest production base of Saixi in China.

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