Thoughts on the development of the ceramic industry through the essence of the industry

Speaking of politics, economy, history... He is convinced that the words in his speech make him aware of his deep and unique thinking about the problem, and he can't help but want to try out his more unique insights. He, Ye Jianguo, manager of Tianwei Ceramics Marketing Department.

Here, the reporter also exchanged some of the current status of the ceramic industry, the external migration of ceramic production bases, the impact of real estate on the ceramic industry, and the hot topics such as low carbon, and compiled them into drafts for study and discussion.

The ceramic production base will move outside, and we must think about how the Foshan brand will go.
Is the ceramic production base relocated to awakening, or is it helpless in a specific environment? Some people think that from the perspective of industry development, from the perspective of harmonious development, friendly environment, urban development and market competition globalization, the base relocation is Foshan ceramics. Adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure. Indeed, some companies have made good achievements in relocation and expansion. For example, Xinzhongyuan, Xinmingzhu, Dongpeng and other early industrial expansion companies now have the upper hand in the third and fourth grade markets.

Mr. Ye believes that the relocation of the base has prompted the rise of some regional brands and backward production areas. In the past, these production areas could not be affected by regional brands like Foshan. Because some production areas like Jiangxi and Shandong are relatively backward in production and management, with the introduction of capital, talents and production technology, the development of local production areas is promoted. The products produced in these producing areas are similar to Foshan's products, the price is relatively cheap, and the marketing model of Foshan is also available. This is undoubtedly an impact on Foshan's brand. Therefore, enterprises should think about how the brand of Foshan should go. With such a development trend, some brands may die, and the global market cannot be made, and then it is only responsible for production.

Real estate development will directly affect the development of ceramics
Mr. Ye pointed out that it is an ignorant understanding if real estate is not affected by the ceramic industry. Real estate development will directly affect the development of ceramics. Before 2002, 80% of the country was to protect affordable housing, 10% were commercial housing, and 10% were low-rent housing. Now 80% of the affordable housing is converted into 90% of commercial housing. The difference between affordable housing and commercial housing is low prices, so housing prices are now rising. When housing changes from necessities to commodities, it has the value of investment, and house prices are rising, and ordinary people cannot afford it. The sharp decline in the transaction volume of the property market has made the wait-and-see trend in the real estate market rise again. Many non-real estate buyers have also joined the wait-and-see, and the renovations originally acquired through rigid demand will also be affected. And if house prices have been going up, it will collapse to a certain extent, leading to economic regression and instability in the country. Laozi said that if the big country is cooked, it should be slowly turned over, and it cannot be kept rolling. But if you continue to suppress housing prices, it will lead to shrinking consumption. Chinese people are saving money in peacetime, spending money when buying a house, and spending money on decoration. China's consumption is driven by housing. Once the housing is stopped, the national economy will stagnate or regress.

People who make money by "low-carbon" concept will care about low-carbon issues.
Mr. Ye believes that "low carbon" is originally a false proposition, because whether high carbon really affects the global environment, in fact, it is not statistical data can draw conclusions, sometimes people are very ignorant and small. A meeting held in the United States, so the world is blowing low-carbon winds, "low carbon" will make energy consumption low, and natural development will also slow down. It is unobjectionable that the United States is developing fast, limiting carbon emissions, and investing large amounts of money in research and development of renewable energy. They studied alcohol and ethanol instead of gasoline, which is low-carbon because their technology is mature and we have to spend money to buy their products. The concept of “low carbon” is inherently controversial, so today we need more calm thinking in the low carbon boom.

People who make money by "low-carbon" concept will care about low-carbon issues. In fact, many people do not know what is "low-carbon". For the ceramic industry, "low-carbon" is also a "pseudo-proposition". Is it energy-saving? Emission reduction is low-carbon, whether it is thinning bricks or low-carbon... These all indicate the impetuousness of the industry. Being able to provide real services to consumers, improve the quality of products, and update the colors is the blessing of ordinary people, instead of bringing different hats to consumers every day.

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