Jiaozuo, Henan Accelerating the Transformation of Aluminum Industry

Jiaozuo, Henan Accelerating the Transformation of Aluminum Industry

On the afternoon of January 5, the municipal party committee, Sun Likun, presided over the meeting to hear reports on the development of the aluminum industry in the city. He stressed that we must conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the Tenth Thirteenth Plenary Session of the Municipal Party Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Municipal Party Committee, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry, strengthen the structural adjustment of the aluminum industry, enhance the overall strength and competitiveness of the aluminum industry, and promote the realization of aluminum industry in our city. Fast development. City leaders Ding Fuhao, Wang Mingde, Xiao Xiaofang, and Qiao Xueda attended the meeting.

Participants reported on the development of aluminum industry in the city and discussed and discussed. After listening to everyone's speeches, Sun Likun emphasized that the first is to make a fuss about raising awareness. The aluminum industry is an important basic raw material industry for the national economy. It is also a traditional advantageous industry in our city. Our aluminum and aluminum in-depth processing industry has a place in the whole province and even the whole country. We have a group of industry backbones and superior products, and industrial clusters gradually take shape. . In recent years, due to factors such as energy, electricity prices, raw materials, and markets, the aluminum industry has experienced slow development. The backwardness of technology and equipment, short industrial chains, and high energy consumption have become increasingly prominent. Industrial restructuring and upgrading are urgently needed. We must really attach importance to seeing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges of the development of the aluminum industry, intensify awareness of soberness, increase sense of responsibility, urgency and sense of crisis, give full play to advantages, transform disadvantages, seize opportunities, and respond to challenges, and accelerate the aluminum industry. Development as an important means to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, speed up the adjustment of industrial and product structure, and promote the development of the aluminum industry.

The second is to make a fuss about raising the level of science and technology. Transformation and upgrading must pay attention to science and technology, and we must increase the technological content of our city's aluminum industry. It is necessary to encourage enterprises to strengthen independent innovation and develop a large group of large companies with strong core competitiveness, strong innovation ability, and large tax contribution.

The third is to make a fuss about intensive processing. To build a deep processing aluminum industry base with strong independent innovation capability and a complete industrial chain in the central region, we must strictly control the low-level duplicated construction of aluminum processing, vigorously develop aluminum deep processing products, and improve the aluminum deep processing industry chain, and strive to reach the goal by 2020. The city’s aluminum industry achieved sales revenue of more than 40 billion yuan.

The fourth is to make a fuss about the innovation system and mechanism. It is necessary to further emancipate the mind, deepen enterprise reform, innovate in institutional mechanisms, expand openness and cooperation, and strengthen internal guidance for outreach, and make great efforts to attract large numbers, attract strong and select talents, and build a group of projects that are strong in action and have great potential for development.

The fifth is to make a fuss about raising the level of protection. We must strengthen platform security, continuously improve industrial agglomeration areas, investment platforms, e-commerce platforms, and improve supporting carrying capacity; we must strengthen policy support, increase policy support, and focus on solving bottlenecks such as funds and land, and increase aluminum. The support for intensive processing of key projects shall be strengthened; personnel protection shall be strengthened, talents shall be trained, talents must be recruited, and talents must be used; the service industry must be strengthened, and the leading group for the development of the aluminum industry industry must timely coordinate the difficulties encountered in the production and operation of the enterprise and the construction of the project. With regard to problems, we will strive to explore a new road for the development of the aluminum industry with the characteristics of Jiaozuo.

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