What is Te Puli Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is now used in modern home decoration only second to the wall paint things, wallpaper decoration cheap, easy to use and easy to replace, and the decoration process without pollution, does not release formaldehyde, is the home of the necessary good products. What about Te Puli wallpaper ? Is Tepley Wallpaper OK?

What is wallpaper?

First of all, to explain to everyone what is the next wallpaper, wallpaper is a very widely used interior decoration materials. Because the wallpaper has a variety of colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety, environmental protection, convenient construction, affordable prices and other incomparable characteristics of other interior decoration materials, it has been widely used in Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions. Now it is slowly becoming popular in China. Especially in the tooling market, restaurants such as the Tea House Hotel have been widely used.

Wallpaper type

The variety or style of wallpaper is ever-changing. There are different types of wallpapers, coated wallpapers, and embossed wallpapers. Different types correspond to different requirements and technical parameters, and also reflect people's different requirements for aesthetics. Due to the special nature of the wallpaper, the decoration color and style of the wallpaper became the tone of the entire family, and the diversification of the wallpaper was in full compliance with the principle of “light decoration and heavy decoration” in the home decoration, and was deeply loved by the consumers. People's demands for home improvement are increasingly fashionable, and wallpapers are highly praised by many young people. However, due to the lack of relevant laws and regulations and industry self-discipline, the wallpaper industry has a mixed phenomenon. The diversity of wallpaper and people no longer pursue the singleness of the wall, casts the development direction and development prospect of the wallpaper.

Te Puli how about the kind of wallpaper Te Puli wallpapers

Te Puli this brand, it is not bad. It is the flagship brand of Beijing Tepuri Decoration Material Co., Ltd. and is also the company's leading product. There is a lot of room for it to choose from. There are non-woven wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper, composite silk surface wallpaper, paint wallpaper, light storage wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper, suede wallpaper, plain paper wallpaper, surface antifouling anti-fouling anti-bacterial wallpaper, anti-formaldehyde wallpaper and other special wallpaper.

Te Puli wallpapers how to Te Puli wallpapers Service

And it also has many special services. First, it can customize the styles and materials that consumers like, but it can add customized decorations to customers. It also provides value-added services such as flame retardant, antistatic, antibacterial, moistureproof and moldproof, and surface strengthening. Antibacterial, anti-pollution. What about Te Puli wallpaper? We consider both advantages and disadvantages.

How about the advantages of Te Puli wallpapers wallpaper Te Puli

First of all, the advantages, the advantage is that the patterns and colors available for selection are very rich, and choosing the style you want is definitely not a difficult task. Then the price is cheaper, an average of more than twenty dollars a square meter, which is still economical, including construction costs. Then it is the short duration of construction that allows immediate occupancy after the completion of the construction and is particularly useful for the renovation of old houses. Teplice wallpaper is also very dirty, you can use sponge, water or detergent to wipe directly, very convenient. Tepley wallpaper also has a certain degree of waterproof flame retardant fully able to meet national standards, anti-mold effect is also very good.

How about the shortcomings Te Puli wallpapers wallpaper Te Puli

The disadvantage is that the general wallpaper has, and is not resistant to strokes. If a small hole is scratched, it will break, and the whole wall can only be re-posted. If you encounter water seepage on the wall, the wallpaper will be black. If it is the Te Puli wallpaper of the printing process, there will be fading after a long time, especially when the sun shines frequently.

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Wallpaper wallpaper

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  • 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive Ethernet port,RJ45 port
  • Automatic networking support,a key to add equipment;
  • Onvif protocol support,third-party devices can be connected;
  • Support GB28181 support for third-party internet protocol access(optional);
  • Support cloud services,network penetration,push alarm function;
  • Support remote access,comes with domain name service functions(ARSP);
  • Support DHCP,FTP,DNS,DDNS,NTP,UPNP,EMAIL,3G,WIFI,IP search,alarm center,etc;
  • Support mobile phone monitoring(iOS,Android);
  • Support multiple browser access(IE,Chrome,Firefox,Safari);
  • Support for more than twenty languages,to break the national boundaries;
  • Perfect protection circuit,unique triple watchdog function;
  • Supporting WEB,CMS,VMS,MYEYE platform that provides SDK development;

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