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Yipin Haitang solid wood furniture inherits the constant pursuit of furniture quality, and combines the Chinese tradition with the modern simplicity and perfection. The appearance of the product is exquisite and practical, attention to detail and steady. While ensuring the modern Chinese style of solid wood, it also highlights the nobleness of the product and perfectly interprets the “low-key luxury” of the modern city.

Yipin Haitang solid wood furniture retains the calmness of traditional solid wood furniture, removes the complicated carving process, simple design style, and the texture of the wood itself is the biggest decoration. Just like the following study room furniture , simple and simple, just sitting there, you can feel the serious atmosphere from the study, you can immediately sink into the study and work.

Yipin Haishu Study Room Furniture

The moderately light colours are restrained and subtle, giving off a soft tone under the light, creating a calming atmosphere. The desk is completely open and designed to be simpler and more stylish than the traditional Chinese desk. Clever use of the 榫卯 structure, the joints are tightly stitched, the four corners are smoothed and rounded, with a touch of warmth and comfort, reducing the coldness of the sharp corners.

The bookshelf is semi-open, and the overall design style refers to the rules and symmetry of traditional Chinese furniture. However, the rules are different from the traditional Chinese furniture. The staggered storage compartment not only breaks the old-fashioned design, but also facilitates the items. Classified and full of modern urban feel. The transparent glass door can clearly see the internal decoration and isolate the invasion of dust, which is very practical and beautiful.

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