New exotic: radiant carpet - LED lighting into the carpet

Under the new technology, the rugless carpet can also play many new tricks. Philips recently teamed up with carpet manufacturer Desso to develop a "light transmissive carpets" whose concept is actually to incorporate LED lighting into the fabric.
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Light-transparent carpet

The illuminating carpet is quite versatile, and one aspect of Desso's interest is to use it for guiding the logo. The user can control the area where the carpet is to be lit so that different information can be displayed on the carpet, including arrows, logos, texts, and the like.

This kind of carpet can lead people to different directions through control, and its flexibility is much higher than static signs. It is also fully reliable as a temporary sign, for example, in an emergency, lighting up the carpet at the theatre or airport and guiding guests to the nearest safe exit. According to press releases issued by Philips and Desso, hotels and retail stores can also use such carpets to decorate the environment and provide useful information.

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In addition, this light-transmissive carpet can also be used at home. Philips has previously provided Hue, a customizable luminaire for home lighting services, which can be controlled by smartphone applications. Users can use Hue lamps to decorate the room with different colors and atmospheres. If you match the light-emitting carpet, you will definitely have a more handsome and handsome taste.

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The cooperation between Philips and Desso is limited to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is expected that products will be available next year. However, like the Hue smart light bulb, the cost of embedding a large number of LEDs in the carpet is still relatively high, and users may be prepared to have sufficient funds to enjoy this new technology.
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