What are the specific precautions for the assembly of diesel generator sets?

For you to introduce the specific considerations for the assembly of diesel generator sets, there are several main aspects:

1. Assembly of cylinder head nut

When tightening the cylinder head nut, it should be gradually tightened to the specified torque step by step, and the principle should be carried out according to the principle of first intermediate and rear sides and diagonal crossing. When removing the cylinder, it should be loosened gradually in the specified order. If the cylinder head nut is tightened unevenly or unbalanced, it will cause the cylinder head to warp and deform. If the nut is tightened too much, the bolt will be stretched and deformed, and the body and threads will be damaged. If the nut is not tightened tightly, it will cause the cylinder to leak, leak, and leak oil. The high temperature gas in the cylinder will also burn out the cylinder head gasket.

2. Assembly of flywheel nut

The flywheel nut must be tightened during installation and tightened with a thrust washer. If the flywheel nut is not tightened, the knocking sound will be generated when the diesel engine is working. In severe cases, the crankshaft taper will be damaged, the keyway will be cut, and the crankshaft will be broken, causing serious accidents. Also note that the angle of the thrust washer can only be folded once.

3. Assembly of connecting rod bolts

The connecting rod bolts machined with high-quality steel are subjected to a large impact force during work and cannot be replaced by ordinary bolts. When tightening, the torque should be even. The two connecting rod bolts should be tightened to the specified torque several times in turn, and finally locked with galvanized iron wire. If the tightening torque of the connecting rod bolt is too large, the bolt will be deformed or even broken, causing the cylinder accident; if the tightening torque of the connecting rod bolt is too small, the bearing bush gap will increase, and the knocking sound and impact load will occur during operation, or even occur. Burning the shaft and connecting the connecting rod bolts.

4. Assembly of main bearing bolts

The installation accuracy of the main bearing should be guaranteed and not loose. When tightening the main bearing bolts, the 5 main bearings should be evenly tightened to the specified torque in the order of the middle, the rear 2, 4, and the 1 and 5, respectively, 2 to 3 times. Each tightening should also check if the crankshaft rotation is normal. The hazard caused by the tightening torque of the main bearing bolt is too large or too small, and the damage caused by the tightening torque of the connecting rod bolt is too large or too small.

5. Assembly of balance block bolts

When the balance block bolts are installed, they should be tightened to the specified torque step by step in several steps. The balance block should be installed in place, otherwise it will lose its balance.

6. Assembly of rocker nut

For the rocker nut, it should be checked regularly during the use. If the rocker nut is loose, the valve clearance will increase, the valve opening will be delayed, the closing will be advanced, and the valve opening duration will be shortened, causing the diesel engine to supply insufficient air, the exhaust gas is not clean, the power is reduced, and the fuel consumption is increased.

7. Assembly of the injector lock nut

When installing the injector, its lock nut should be tightened to the specified torque. At the same time, it is best to tighten it several times and do not tighten it once. If the nozzle lock nut is tightened too tightly, it will cause the lock nut to deform, and it will easily cause the needle valve to be stuck; if it is loosely loose, it will cause the injector to leak oil, the injection pressure will drop, and the atomization will be poor. Fuel consumption increased.

8. Assembly of the oil valve tight seat

When installing the fuel injection valve of the fuel injection pump, it is also required to perform the specified torque. If the oil valve tight seat is tightened too much, the plunger sleeve will be deformed, the plunger will block in the sleeve, and the plunger coupler will wear out early, the sealing performance will decrease, and the power will be insufficient; if the oil outlet valve If the seat is too loose, it will cause the fuel injection pump to leak oil. The oil pressure cannot be established. The oil supply time lags and the oil supply decreases, which seriously affects the engine performance.

9. Assembly of the injector platen nut.

When installing the injector assembly on the cylinder head of the diesel engine, besides paying attention to removing dirt such as carbon deposits in the injector assembly seat, the injector assembly pressure plate is not installed, the thickness of the steel pad is appropriate and cannot be missed. Also pay attention to the tightening torque of the injector assembly plate nut. If the tightening torque of the platen nut is too large, the valve body of the injector will be deformed, causing the injector to be stuck and the diesel engine to be unable to work. If the tightening torque is too small, the injector will leak air, resulting in insufficient cylinder pressure and difficulty in starting the diesel engine. The high temperature gas will also blow out the burnt nozzle. In addition, when the pump slide rotor and the high-pressure oil pipe joint on the distribution pump casing are installed, the spring is also performed according to the specified torque.

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