Japan successfully tested microwave wireless transmission

According to Japan’s 12th news, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announced on the same day that the long-distance wireless transmission verification test on the ground was successful. The technology is expected to be used in space solar power plants in the future.

The report said that the verification test was carried out at the Kobe Shipyard on February 24. The device for transmitting power and the receiving device are separated by 500 meters. In the test, 10 kW of electricity was converted into microwaves and then transported, and the LED lights on the receiving device 500 meters away were successfully illuminated. It is said that this is the longest and most powerful test in the successful trials in Japan.

Scientists believe that microwave transmission technology is most likely to be used in space solar power plants. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries plans to use this technology from 2030 to 2040 to transmit electrical energy from space power generation devices to the ground via microwaves. In addition, the technology is expected to be used in other fields, such as offshore wind power stations to land transmission and wireless charging of electric vehicles.

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