Environmental protection measures in the production of stainless steel wire

Conversion from Cl solvent to aqueous solvent

In the brushed stainless steel, the Cl-based and F (fluorine)-based resins were originally dissolved in a Cl-based solvent, and dissolved and volatilized after coating. However, in the rainy season of high temperature and humidity, the Cl-based and F-based resin coatings having extreme pressure resistance and lubricity are non-hygroscopic. And the Cl solvent will volatilize, destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere, and flow into the underground polluted water source.

In the 1990s, the company developed aqueous coatings, wire drawing lubricants, and coating removal devices to better solve this problem.

Efficient cleaning of pickling wastewater

The original acid-washed scale was treated with hydrofluoric acid + nitric acid, and the pickling was switched to a sulfuric acid-based cleaning method, which reduced the amount of hydrofluoric acid + nitric acid and the amount of waste acid. It reduces the emission of F and N ions which have a great influence on the atmosphere and water quality environment. At the same time, it treats the nitrogen ions in the waste acid solution by microbial treatment, and conducts permeable membrane treatment on the fluoride ions to make the acid liquid reach the standard discharge.

Energy saving and emission reduction of greenhouse gases such as CO2

1) The gas heat treatment furnace is highly efficient. In order to efficiently recycle the waste heat, the preheating recovery burner was installed on all the heat treatment furnaces to double the energy utilization rate.

2) Strengthen compressed air management. In order to completely prevent air leakage, the air compressor is used to reduce the air power by using a centralized air supply to reduce the power consumption.

3) High-efficiency lighting, using high-efficiency reflector-type mercury lamps to improve lighting efficiency.


For other chemical substances used in production, the lower limit is used, strictly managed, and continuously replaced with an equivalent product with little impact on the environment.

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Label: Environmental protection measures in the production of stainless steel wire

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