Force analysis of aeration diaphragm

Force analysis of aerated membranes. Analysis of aeration membranes. The diaphragms of microporous aerators vary greatly depending on the structure. According to the "small dip theory", the disc diaphragm, if inflated, When the deformation is zero, the tensile stress of the diaphragm is infinite. Therefore, the air pressure deforms the diaphragm, and the air pressure is high and the deformation is large, and the corresponding stress is also large. At the same time, the same air pressure, the different configurations of the aerator diaphragm produce different internal stresses. Based on this, we can analyze the stress in various diaphragm aerator diaphragms:

1. Diaphragm diaphragm with a diameter of 500mm, according to the drum bulging (deflection) of 50mm after inflation.

Set the air pressure to 60kpa=0.6kg/cm3, simplify the calculation, take the unit cut strip, and use the small sag theory to calculate the pulling force of the cut strip:


Where: p-0.6kg/cm2



Substituting H=0.6×502/8×5=37.5kg=375kN

When the thickness of the diaphragm is 0.2 cm, the internal stress of the diaphragm is:


More than the synthetic rubber tear strength (4 ~ 14Mpa).

2, diameter 300mm disc diaphragm, after the inflation of the diaphragm deflection according to 30mm, the diaphragm internal stress H = 0.6 × 302 / 8 × 3 × 0.2 = 112.5kg = 11.25Mpa

3, spherical crown aerator, the diaphragm into a spherical shape, take a diameter of 250mm, inflation pressure according to 60kpa, simplify the calculation, take the strip stress


4. Tube aerator, whose diaphragm diameter is 100mm, internal stress


From the above calculations, the inner pressure of the tubular aerator diaphragm is the smallest under the same inflation pressure conditions.
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